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Winterim at Wheaton Academy    

Winterim (Winter Interim) is an innovative curricular feature started at Wheaton Academy in 1991. Modeled after the college January term concept; Winterim is designed to increase learning opportunities and has become an enormously valuable and popular component of a Wheaton Academy education. Not only are students given fifty to sixty classes to choose from each year beyond the normal high school curriculum; they also have the unique opportunity to literally travel around the world through a variety of educational and mission trips. In addition, as juniors and seniors, Wheaton Academy students have the rare opportunity to experience a profession first-hand before deciding on a major. Winterim truly means opportunities for Wheaton Academy students. It is also interesting to note that numerous Christian high schools all over America have patterned interim programs after Wheaton Academy's Winterim.   

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Brittany KlenkeWinterim Trip Coordinator

Anne Case, Winterim Registration
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