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International Students    

Academy and its partner WAnet schools welcome international boarding students from around the world.  Currently, WA has students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, France, Scotland, Kyrgyzstan, and Ivory Coast.  Wheaton Academy was founded in 1853 and continues as one of the oldest and most respected private Christian high schools in America.  Wheaton Academy is characterized by high academic standards, a mature student culture, opportunities for leadership, a beautiful 50-acre college-style campus, consistently positive parent and student feedback, and state of the art facilities.  Wheaton Academy offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum, an innovative January term, and comprehensive co-curricular programs.  Wheaton Academy is uniquely located in the beautiful western suburbs of Chicago while conveniently accessible to a wide range of metropolitan cultural experiences. Wheaton Academy has partnered with 20 like-minded schools in the U.S. to offer a streamlined admissions process.

Wheaton Academy looks for students who are:

  • Representative of a variety of countries
  • Academically motivated and successful
  • Emotionally and socially mature
  • Willing to get involved in clubs and activities
  • Respectful of world cultures and values
One of the unique features of Wheaton Academy boarding is the HomeStay program.  Instead of an impersonal dorm setting, we believe international students living with American families constantly provides a much better learning environment and provides more focused social and emotional support.  Host families are chosen after background checks, reference checks, and personal interviews. Orientation and ongoing support is provided to host families as well.
As part of Wheaton Academy international student preparation, WAnet hosts a Summer English Institute at the end of July/beginning of August. The focal point of SEI is improved English. The format includes three weeks of intense classroom instruction followed by one week of additional education and cultural acclimation during an East Coast or West Coast University tour. SEI is a requirement for all Wheaton Academy and WAnet students.
We welcome you to explore our boarding web pages as you consider Wheaton Academy and other WAnet member schools for your future studies.
Wheaton Academy    

WAnet founding and lead institution, Wheaton Academy, one of the oldest and most influential private high schools in America, has a well established reputation both for producing successful graduates and designing model innovative programs. As a representative WAnet School, Wheaton Academy offers:

• UNIVERSITY PLACEMENT: 90% of graduates get into 1st university choice
• HIGH STANDARDS: 18 AP classes, 25.3 average ACT score
• UNIVERSITY COUNSELING: specialized guidance by expert counselors
• LONG HISTORY: founded in 1853 and continues as one of oldest private high schools in America
• SAFE ENVIRONMENT: university like campus in beautiful suburbs near metropolitan city
• PERSONAL ATTENTION: 1-15 teacher student ratio allows for individual attention
• OUTSTANDING FACULTY: inspired students reach high achievement
• HOMESTAY: improves English learning and expands cultural experiences
• ENGLISH SUPPORT: specialized English Language Learner support and private tutoring
• CAREER INTERNSHIPS: provided during January Interim term
• LIFE SKILLS: important values and life skills modeled and taught
• CLUBS: numerous opportunities for involvement in clubs, sports, fine arts
• IMMERSION: 5% international student population forces interna-tionals to mix and speak English
• TRAVEL: specialized trips throughout the U.S. available
• REPUTATION: well-known, respected and accredited for 100 years

Summer English Institute (SEI) 2014
Read more about the Summer English Institute

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