WA Football Team Shaves Their Heads in Honor of Coach Ben Wilson
October 21, 2011
WA science teacher and football coach Ben Wilson recently shared that doctors have discovered a benign growth on his pituitary gland in his brain. Ben will undergo surgery and surgeons are very optimistic that they will be able to remove the growth safely and effectively. Due to the type of surgery he will be undergoing, he will be out of school for 6-8 weeks.
When the football players found out that Coach Wilson was having surgery and would need to shave his head, they decided to shave their heads to show solidarity and support of their coach.  After practice on Wednesday, there were 10+ football parents in the Commons shaving the football players' heads. Almost every player and several coaches participated in the event.
Thursday was Ben's last day of teaching before undergoing surgery on Monday, October 24. Before school began yesterday, the players found Coach Wilson to show him their shaved heads in his honor. Coach Wilson was very moved by what the team had done and joined his team last night at the football pasta dinner and shaved his head.
The Daily Herald has also written a very touching piece on Ben. Click here to read the article.  


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